Wainscoting – Design and Installations

Wainscoting has long been favored by architects and designers as a way to beautify and add value to a home. The end result looks like it cost you a lot of money, but in reality, it’s very affordable. 

Aside from providing upscale elegance and adding value to your home, there are other perks to installing wainscoting. It protects your walls against scuffs and scrapes. And when you do end up with damage to the painted surface, due to the decorative edges throughoutb, you can usually get away with repainting only a single damaged area. In comparison, with bare walls you have no choice but to undertake the time-consuming process of repainting the entire wall (since your touch ups will show if you don’t!)

It masks uneven surfaces or other imperfections in your walls. If you’ve taken the time to decorate your home tastefully, you don’t want to have uneven walls ruin the look. Adding wainscoting can cover up most imperfections in a stylish way.

It raises the value of your home. There’s no way to deny it: a home with wainscoting always looks more upscale and stylish than one without. If you’re selling, this raises the price that potential buyers are willing to pay.

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