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Eye’s up!  Our energetic response by simply looking into the sky is that of happiness, wonder, and empowerment.  The ancient Greeks and Romans knew this and began the tradition of “Tessellation,” known today as Coffer Ceilings.

Coffer Ceilings If you’ve seen a quilt, you know what tessellation is.  If you’ve seen a honeycomb, a mosaic floor, the organization of our cells and molecules, then you’re already more in tune with this naturally occurring pattern that has made its way into art and architecture.

Originally, coffer ceilings found their way into temples and spiritual structures to maintain an upward focus towards the heavens.

As time went on, this transcendent effect of appreciating what was above us, made its way into palaces and villas, libraries, and state buildings.  These
sunken or raised panels (typically square, but many other shapes as well) became painted, gilded, tiled, and in some cases adorned with rare jewels.

Coffer Ceiling
Coffer Ceiling

The brilliance here is a geometric trick that utilized 3D forms on a 2D plane not just to create the illusion of higher dimensions, but to make them appear more beautiful…

If you have been looking for a way to enhance and elevate the energy and feel of any room, coffer ceiling work may be for you!  It’s perfect in entryways, kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms, studies, bedrooms, and entertaining spaces.

With a top-shelf upgrade to your home such as this, you need to have the guidance of design professionals and the craftsmanship of dedicated masters.  “Kits” that exist at home improvement retailers always leave the do it your self frustrated as the products are generic and incomplete.  An upgrade that should leave your home looking like a palace ends up having the opposite effect.  These kits create needless embarrassment and waste your time and money (and make our job more difficult when it comes time to correct it)!

If you’re ready to put a unique and timeless magic touch in your home, we will produce quality results that will improve the way you feel every day – as it has for so many thousands of years!

Jeremy Kotin
They came in and absolutely transformed our office space. Easy to work with, creative and intelligent problem-solvers, and totally results-oriented. We could not be more pleased. They should absolutely be your first (and only) call!



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